Sex can get messy. Some might even argue that it's supposed to be that way. As humans, we produce an excess of bodily fluids that more or less guarantee a slip-n-slide effect between the sheets and the clean-up that comes after? Well, that's all part of the fun.

But what if you're someone who's into other types of bodily secretions (think: urine, period blood, female ejaculation)? "There can be a really big taboo feeling around [fluid fetishes]," said Azaria Menezes, a sex and relationship coach based in British Columbia, Canada. However, playing with certain fluids during sex could be a "really great way of normalizing bodily fluids."

Sarah Melancon, a California-based sociologist and clinical sexologist for Sex Toy Collective, who has worked in the adult film industry producing fetish porn, agreed because, she said, the receiver is enjoying a part of the giver's body that is often kept private and hidden, so the act of sharing can feel like it's enhancing the bond and sense of closeness between both partners.

Still, some fluids or exploits such as Rainbow Kisses, a trendy act