The practice uses hormone responses to promote health, including for urinary issues.
One is an issue of volume, the other of frequency. Both need to be treated—but differently.
Thinking of waiting out a urinary tract infection? Here are the risk factors to consider first.
The 'Harry Potter' actor says he went through 'one of the worst things I've ever experienced.'
Sacral nerve stimulation technology is highly effective in treating urinary issues.
Although men are more prone to developing the disease, women tend to have worse outcomes.
Learn more about an issue that is often considered embarrassing.
Learn more about an issue that is often considered embarrassing.
Learn more about an issue that is often considered embarrassing.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia isn't life-threatening, but its complications can alter daily life.
Changes in color and clarity can signal bodily issues you should note.
Experts break down why you might be suffering from painful urination.
Find out what can cause this buildup of scar tissue and how doctors can repair the urethra.
A red tinge probably signals a benign issue, but a doctor's visit is worth the peace of mind.
Giving the pelvic floor a workout is good for many ailments, but not all.
An unusual sight in a bodily fluid isn't a fun discovery, but the culprits are easily treated.
Reversing prostate growth with 5-alpha reductase inhibitors may cause low libido or ED.
A complicated problem is fixed by a standard procedure with myriad paths to success.
Bladder leaks are common, but a variety of helpful items are available.
Discharge and painful urination are symptoms of the inflammatory condition urethritis.
Yep, men can get UTIs; not as frequently as women do, but it still helps to know your risk.
Urinary incontinence isn't inevitable, but it is common and often can be treated.
Kidney stones that travel down the ureter can cause excruciating pain. What's the solution?
An enlarged or inflamed gland can make urination problematic, though the symptoms differ.
While understanding hormones during menopause is helpful, there may be better ways to do it.
Skene's glands may be the cause of your bladder discomfort.
Patients and doctors alike could benefit from more knowledge about the painful disorder.
Some experts recommend yearly pelvic floor physical therapy (PFPT) for preventive care.
Prostate photovaporization relieves urinary symptoms as well as the 'gold standard' method.
What to expect when you're expecting? Possibly—a urinary tract infection.
If you keep getting up through the night, it may be time to check your pelvic floor.
It's not just annoying. A long-term, persistent issue can have far-reaching effects.
Staying hydrated is important, but fortunately for your bladder, you don't need to go overboard.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is common, and this drug class works for most, but not all, men.
A condition called hematospermia is surprising but not likely serious. Learn about the causes.
Lymphedema of the penis and scrotum is rare, but serious cases may require surgery.
If you're dealing with genital itching that just won't quit, don't put off seeing a doctor.
Urinary tract infections can lead to a life-threatening condition. Here are the warning signs.
That skin irritation could be a sign of an STI.
Syphilis scares from Oklahoma to Australia have folks nervous about a sensation down under.
We are what we eat—but maybe we are what we pee, as well.
It's true, STIs are a common source of epididymitis, but also be aware of other possible causes.
What your mother never told you about holding in your urine.
Blood in your urine or other conditions that may need treatment. Let a urologist make that call.
From urine to blood, fluids can be a huge turn-on for some.
Don't panic if you pee a little during Pilates—it's common in adult women of all ages.
Beyond prostate issues, several other conditions may be causing your frequent bathroom trips.
Urinary tract infections are less likely in men than women, but they happen—here's what to know.
Changes in your urine stream could point to one of two prostate issues. Find out what they are.
Can changing your diet help you prevent or alleviate a urinary tract infection?
If you are urinating more frequently than usual, it could be caused by prostatitis or BPH.
Remedies in conjunction with antibiotics may help you bounce back faster.
Pain and erectile issues are just two of the reasons to call the doctor—the sooner the better.
If you have urination difficulties, identify the root cause so you can receive appropriate care.
Some UTI symptoms may fly under the radar, but missing the clues can have consequences.
Just because they're common doesn't mean UTIs can't be dangerous. Getting treated is key.
UTIs can cause painful symptoms and become dangerous if untreated, but you can stave them off.
Don't panic! Blood in your urine can be very bad, or sometimes not so bad.
Hold off on spooning until after you take a bathroom break.
A UTI can strike at any time and lead to serious complications. Be prepared with the facts.
Save yourself from pain and trouble by identifying possible causes of urinary tract infections.