When is the best time to discuss your sexual fantasies? And how do you start that conversation?
Don't let shame diminish your sense of exploration.
Don't let shame diminish your sense of exploration.
For some people, a little degradation goes a long way toward emotional and sexual relief.
Our kinky origins are neurological, conditioned or may align with our interests and experiences.
The infusion gives people a roller coaster of sensations.
Being tickled makes us laugh and lose control, and for some people, that's intensely arousing.
Modern sex-positive gatherings are much different, and likely safer, than blasts from the past.
Exploring fantasies shifts the focus from finishing to fun.
Would you accept an invitation? If so, go in with your eyes open and play to your strengths.
Whether giving or receiving, here are the facts to do things safely.
Yes, you can reveal your secret, spicy daydreams—even if the thought makes you cringe.
A sub and a dom explain how name-calling, mocking and public punishment can be super-hot.
Helping people feel safe and comfortable while they explore sexual interests is crucial.
Keeping your medical professional in the loop may benefit your healthcare.
A therapist who offers erotic sessions talks about enforcing her limits on the job.
Law enforcement agencies and American courtrooms don’t really know how to handle adult content.
From 'lover' to 'daddy,' learn what they want to be called during sex.
Political activism and education are key for this escort.
This subgenre capitalizes on the allure of, shall we say, compromising positions.
Two female adult film actors discuss the social changes that revolutionized an industry.
Learn how to put your best foot forward—each and every time.
There’s a difference between appreciating a larger body and objectifying it.
Food in the bedroom can be fun, but it can also create a hot mess.
From urine to blood, fluids can be a huge turn-on for some.
If you’re flirting with making your sex life more exciting, maybe introduce a little kink.
Looking to break up the monotony of…well, everything? Try this beginner’s guide to kink.
Consent and risk-awareness are sexy practices that bring greater pleasure to everyone.
Wondering if you have some kinks in you? Finding out can make for some fun exploration.
Acting out fantasies isn't strange—it's sexy! Know the facts before you dive in.
Looking to break up the monotony of…well, everything? Try this beginner’s guide to kink.