Sex clubs are places where people can go live out sexual fantasies, such as swapping partners, voyeurism or even an orgy. However, it's not anything goes.

In fact, clubs hire consent monitors to ensure patrons feel safe and comfortable in this vulnerable environment, and help open a dialogue for people who feel violated.

Another day on the job

One part of being a consent monitor is talking to people who have violated someone's boundaries—which Cory Bush, a nonbinary and queer lead consent guardian for Playscapes in New York City, loves.

"I've actually really enjoyed the conversations I've had on these phone calls," they said. "It is really difficult to be told that you violated someone's consent, especially if you weren't aware that that happened….The only way to move forward from that is to talk about it so we can do better in the future."

Additionally, to keep people safe after a violation, Playscapes explains two