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Author Sophia Smith Galer debunks the myths surrounding intimacy and sexual education.
Author Sophia Smith Galer debunks the myths surrounding intimacy and sexual education.
Although common, this STD can have serious health consequences if left untreated.
It's time to debunk some myths about a piece of tissue with no biological purpose.
What is sex and why do we do it? And why do we always want more?
Here's expert advice on how to transform your relationship with masturbation.
Here's expert advice on how to transform your relationship with masturbation.
The effects of ejaculation on recipients' faces may surprise you.
The effects of ejaculation on recipients' faces may surprise you.
What if sex ed wasn't all about prevention and shame?
Being medicalized is inescapable for some patients, but it should not poison sexual development.
Author Catherine Roach describes a sexual and gender revolution driven by young adults.
Why do we sometimes feel hot, and why do we sometimes not?
Why do we sometimes feel hot, and why do we sometimes not?
Prioritize awareness and stop letting shame dictate your healthcare.
Genital length in paintings of male nudes has increased dramatically, a new study shows.
Author and sex therapist Yana Tallon-Hicks wants to empower you in the bedroom.
Author and sex therapist Yana Tallon-Hicks wants to empower you in the bedroom.
Without access to an educational program, these individuals face a higher risk of abuse.
Hollywood tells us only half the story: Real people don't always rush into sex.
The controversial procedure is common in some countries because of cultural beliefs—and myths.
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Their sex-positive messages on pre-cable TV changed the way we look at sex, love and friendship.
This combination fluid is possible for most vulva owners to achieve.
I can’t tell if there’s something wrong with me, my vagina, or the sex I’m having.
My orgasm looks like blues, greens and yellows.
A sub and a dom explain how name-calling, mocking and public punishment can be super-hot.
Its symptoms can be nil, its effects not felt for years, but HPV should be top of mind.
They're full-body and powerful, no matter how far away they are from your genitals.
Words matter, often more than we even realize. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow.
Helping people feel safe and comfortable while they explore sexual interests is crucial.
Yep, 'blue vulva' is one of the reasons. Here's what can help.
Sex may be evident at birth, but only you can be sure of your own identity.
Honest communication and an open mind are key when meeting a potential lover.
The singer said watching explicit videos at age 11 'destroyed' her brain.
The success of ethical and independent sex media depends not only on laws but banks, too.
The power lies in subverting pop culture tropes about love and sex.
What's really going on in our brains when we're busy getting it on?
A lot of sexual education involves villainizing teen pregnancy. But is that fair?
What your penis hue says, if anything, about your health.
Just how much do they really know about you? One TikTok goes viral with the answer.
Adult intimacy is a little more complicated than preschool rules teach us.
Sex isn't always necessary to achieve climax. Sometimes all it takes is some fun and relaxation.
Making a splash outdoors sounds adventurous and sexy...but can it lead to diseases and STIs?
Despite being rarely discussed and understudied, 'laughgasms' are definitely a thing.
Talking will help in the long run, but pleasure can be achieved in the absence of an erection.
When considering a lack of sexual education, porn literacy can help students fill the gaps.
How the demands and failings of a strict religion affected a gender-questioning child.
Calling her one says much more about us than it does about her.
It's an ugly truth about 20-something sex that many need to hear.
For some, a kiss is the real indicator of closeness.
Taking a peek inside the world of 'smut merchant' Harriet Sugarcookie.
There are better ways to learn about sex than from a friend on the school bus or from porn.
Children should understand sexual consent long before they understand sex.
The 'LA's Finest' actor opens up about his relationship and talking to his teens.
Things are a little different than the days of 'Playboy'…but not as different as you think.
Female bodies are only as mysterious as you make them, even if you have one yourself.
After several decades and dozens of studies, the results are mixed.
The MPAA keeps its ratings board hidden—where it wants to keep sex.
If it's not a "Hell, yes," it's a no.
Most guys may think lasting a long time in bed is a blessing, but for many, it's a curse.
The HIV/AIDS epidemic was poised to ruin America's sex drive. Along came the Queen of Pop.
Data shows race plays a role in America’s climbing maternal mortality rate. How do we stop it?
A slang expert helps illuminate some of the best (and worst) sexual innuendos over the years.
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Pleasuring myself opened up a new world of understanding how society views my body.
You're not a failure if you don't climax. There are much more important qualities to consider.
'Teaching other people about sex helped me realize I needed a break from it.'
Children of immigrant parents face additional barriers when discussing intimacy.
Testing and treatment aren't impossible, but gaining access to solutions can be difficult.
When you have a gay daughter—who uses TikTok—the standard sex talk isn't going to cut it.
Safe sex and regular checkups are crucial, even when a penis isn’t involved.
Daydreaming about that steamy barista probably doesn't always mean you're doomed
If you think you've got 'dead vagina syndrome,' think again.
It only took one political scandal to spark a global movement.
Sex can be a bit more complicated than all you learned in school and from 'the talk.'
Everyone's favorite class still needs a lot of work in order to properly educate young people.
The viral video platform has become a space to share sexual health info, for better or worse.
Young adults are upsetting sexual norms and changing how older generations talk about sex.
If you're beginning a hormonal transition, you should know about genital changes.
Standard sex ed, especially in regard to nontraditional identity models, doesn't measure up.
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Educators weigh the pros and cons of taking this complicated conversation virtual.
States are trying to make intentionally slipping off or damaging your condom a criminal offense.
Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections have distinct differences.