You might have heard the term "sex-positive" floating around on social media, but it's OK if you aren't sure what it means or if it applies to you. The term represents both specific attitudes and beliefs about sexual expression and a historic movement to help reduce societal stigmas and shame surrounding sex, as California-based clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Kelifern Pomeranz, Psy.D., CST, explained.

Are you sex-positive?

"To be sex-positive is to hold the belief that safe and consensual self or partnered sexual activities are a healthy and natural part of the human experience, and these behaviors should never be sources of guilt, shame, fear or regret," Pomeranz said.

These beliefs extend to all expressions of gender and sexuality, prioritizing a commitment to making empowered sexual decisions, the expectation of enthusiastic consent, and mutual respect and open communication for and with your partners at all times.

What are the origins of sex-positivity?

While the idea behind sex-positivity is relatively simple