In an informal hearing held by the Oregon House Judiciary Committee on June 3, 2021, members of the Oregon Sex Workers Human Rights Commission, a sex worker-led and -powered group, pressured for the passage of House Bill 3088, introduced by Representative Rob Nosse (D-Portland). The bill would repeal crimes of prostitution, commercial sex solicitation and promoting prostitution.

After the hearing, the commission held a virtual press conference in which activists, academics, political figures and various organizations detailed why decriminalization of sex work is the only path forward. Such organizers work thanklessly to end the criminalization of sex work, which causes violence and hurts people already at risk. While HB 3088 won't reach the governor this legislative session, the goal is to get statewide decriminalization on the 2022 ballot.

Widespread support for decriminalization

The movement toward decriminalization isn't happening only in Oregon. Progress is underway in various pockets throughout the country and beyond. Activist and attorney Melissa Sontag Broudo said