In the sexual education curriculum of my school, teen pregnancy was marked Public Enemy Number One: the worst possible threat we could face in the murky waters of adolescent sex. Sexually transmitted diseases and psychological consequences were background players when it came to the sexual scare tactics of my upbringing. The real big bad was the omnipresent threat of having a baby before we were ready.

Sex was certainly on my mind then, but that's about the only place I could find it. My social life lacked opportunity for investigation, as we didn't pay for cable and I didn't even have regular access to the internet growing up, thus sex and its consequences felt more theoretical than practical. Plus, being the byproduct of a teen pregnancy myself, and knowing full well the challenges it had created for my parents, that ol' boogeyman from sex ed held a prominent place in my nightmares.

Were my imbued fears of teen pregnancy well-founded? Probably not, but complications do exist when it comes to pre-adult pregnancy.

On biology

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