A self-described "smut merchant" on Twitter, Harriet Sugarcookie cams, runs an OnlyFans, and is the creator of her own paysite, sugar cookie.xxx, which features videos she's produced of herself and other adult actors. Her videos are sensuous, humorous, creative and authentic—she dubs it, "porn for geeks."

Additionally, she helps manage other creators' accounts on sites like OnlyFans, providing marketing assistance and guidance on content, through her company Et Tu Beauty. She's a bona fide hustler who proves sex work absolutely is work.

I recently had an email correspondence with Sugarcookie about her daily life, her experiences with sex work and what she wishes others knew about sex work as a profession.

How did you first get into sex work?

Originally, it was my housemate who posted some photos of me on Reddit (fully clothed), and then I started to post on Reddit myself. From there, the jump to camming and