In 2017, porn star Angela White’s “Angela 3” became the best-selling flick of her career and won six Adult Video News awards—not because of the 93 minutes of fornication it featured, but for the 13 minutes of post-sex tears she displayed as she and her partner discussed the experience. The “porn” in this case was less about thrusting and more about witnessing an intimate moment.

Intimacy porn is a growing genre within the adult entertainment world. Whether it involves real partners or actors, intimacy porn is “not your typical let's get down to business, have sex in all these different erotic positions, then have an orgasm,” said Jackie Golob, a sex and relationship therapist and mental health counselor at the Centre for Sexual Wellness in Minneapolis. “It's more so about experiencing that feeling of physical and emotional connection with your partner during sex.”

That emotional aspect isn’t present in the more standard, aggressive sex that is typically found in mainstream porn—but it can be enlightening to watch.

Intimacy porn creates more realistic expectations around sex.

A big reason