When subscription site OnlyFans unveiled a new change to their Acceptable Use Policies on August 20 that would prohibit any sexually explicit content come October 1, the backlash was almost immediate. In fact, criticism of the decision was so strong that OnlyFans issued another statement indefinitely suspending the October 1 decision on August 25, only five days following their initial decision.

The announcement came as a surprise for creators and subscribers, although rumors that OnlyFans would ban sexually explicit content due to problems with investors had been circulating for several months at the time of the announcement.

OnlyFans catapulted onto the internet in 2016 following the model of other content creation, subscription-based sites like Patreon or Substack. Unlike these other sites, however, the U.K.-based OnlyFans allowed sexually explicit content that other platforms avoided (or, like Tumblr, had begun to ban). OnlyFans provided a place for online sex workers to