The concept of delayed ejaculation or delayed orgasm may not seem like a form of sexual dysfunction. "You mean I get to last longer doing something I really like? Sign me up!"

Seriously, on screens big and small, male sexual performance is often depicted in terms of prolific stamina and vigor, even though most men generally don't enjoy breaks for new camera angles and altered lighting.

However, orgasms are a big component of sexual pleasure and satisfaction for many men. While there aren't a lot of dangerous physical conditions associated with difficulty achieving orgasm for men, there could be a correlation to psychological or emotional issues in need of attention. If a man has difficulty reaching orgasm, he may have underlying issues that could be treated with talk therapy or simple mindfulness practices.

Of course, it is entirely possible to enjoy sex and intimacy without experiencing orgasm or ejaculation. Some men certainly enjoy sex romantically or recreationally without ever achieving orgasm with a partner. But experiencing orgasm together can be a