Achieving sexual satisfaction involves an intricate interplay of physical, psychological and emotional factors working together just right to deliver the goods. When any one factor goes awry, it can lead to a cascade of problems with lasting effects on the way we experience sexuality.

Undeniably, the physical aspect of sexuality is a vital piece of the puzzle. For men, any decrease in penis sensitivity can become a barrier to enjoying a fulfilling sex life. Some causes of insensitivity are short term and highly fixable, while others require a larger lifestyle adjustment. Here are five reasons you could be having trouble getting there—and how to address them:

Problem: You’re a ‘death-gripper’

Sometimes a lack of sensation during sex can be related to your masturbation technique. Death-grip syndrome refers to becoming accustomed to a super-tight grip or any highly specific or unique masturbation technique that requires that exact sensation in order for you to have an orgasm.

If you find that you get off just fine when masturbating but