A new study explores the psychology of men who enjoy the company of synthetic companions.
Experts at SXSW 2023 discussed the intersection of sex and tech and the good that may result.
Experts at SXSW 2023 discussed the intersection of sex and tech and the good that may result.
Experts at SXSW 2023 discussed the intersection of sex and tech and the good that may result.
AASECT-certified sex therapist Savannah Van Besien answers your most intimate questions.
It's time to sharpen those solo sex skills and boost your confidence and sense of well-being.
There is no 'normal.' Ditch the stigma, find a new strategy and improve your solo sessions.
Debuting in spring 2023, the site will celebrate the cultural significance of human sexuality.
Debuting in spring 2023, the site will celebrate the cultural significance of human sexuality.
Are your favorite sex toys safe to use after a bout of BV or other vaginal infection?
Are your favorite sex toys safe to use after a bout of BV or other vaginal infection?
The viral sex toy explained: More sensitivity is the goal, but be careful.
Let's distinguish fact from fiction throughout this popular sex toy's rise to the mainstream.
Remember, it's about their fantasies, not yours.
Resources are scant, but the advice is plentiful, and greener choices are available.
Creativity doesn't have to take a back seat to pleasure.
Forbidden Fruit owner Lynn Raridon reflects on 40 years in the adult store biz.
As heteronormative standards evolve, sex tech for men has become more holistic and diverse.
Want to buy a sex toy for your penis? Avoid these rookie mistakes.
Not only do they feel great, but they also have physical and mental health benefits.
Teledildonics are becoming more intelligent, thanks to groups of DIY developers.
It's great to know what you like, but masturbation is a safe time to try new approaches.
Candy G-strings are tasty ways to spice up sex, but they may cause infections.
Candy G-strings are tasty ways to spice up sex, but they may cause infections.
It's possible to lose the magic touch—with yourself or a partner—but you can always get it back.
Sex toys bring reliable joy anytime, but especially when you're in need of connection.
Learn the benefits of anal play for men and how to safely do it for mind-blowing orgasms.
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but pleasure is the unsung motivator of progress.
Whether using water-safe toys or a running faucet, your clitoris will thank you.
A breakdown of the many options.
In the world of anthropomorphic sex toys, never has it been more obvious we live in a patriarchy
A community unrepresented in the billion-dollar industry stakes its claim.
The menopausal transition doesn't have to be the end of your arousal, desire or pleasure.
How to achieve good vibes only right from the jump.
Finally, commerce and pop culture are catching up.
Businesses love it, but customers are conflicted.
Genital residue is often associated with penises, but vaginal smegma is just as common.
Lubricants are usually safe for penile use. Find one that agrees with your skin—and use plenty.
Sex toys—or 'immoral rubber goods'—were once as illegal as they were popular.
Your 'smart' sex toy could be vulnerable to some not-so-smart cybersecurity flaws.
Ready to level up your solo sessions and partner sex? There's a toy for that.
Your go-to guide for discovering anal plugs, beads, prostate massagers and more.
Embody your pleasure and get into the nitty-gritty of focusing on yourself.
Here are seven types of tools for women who want to take charge of their own pleasure.
Demystify the gaps in sex ed, and learn practical solutions to keep you safe.
Life-like robots evoke science fiction, but some real people prefer sex with high-tech toys.
Pleasure should be an all-access area, regardless of physicality.
Female bodies are only as mysterious as you make them, even if you have one yourself.
Some things even you—an expert in the field—may not know about one of your favorite activities.
Your romantic life doesn't have to fizzle just because you're in different cities.
It's fallen off the virus radar, but protecting yourself is key to enjoying your summer outside.
Heed an expert's advice on what you'll need to prepare before heading inside.
Peak amounts of stress and solitude changed the way our brains connect with our libidos.
Too often relegated to foreplay status, there's a lot to be said for mastering the handjob.
Instagram's That Gay Butt Stuff Doctor Carlton offers the anal analysis you need.
With doors shut and online censors tight, small businesses learned to adapt.
A candid conversation about 'search machines,' suitors, pleasure and learning from experience.
Experimentation and exploration are key when trying to find that sweet spot.
Yoni eggs have surged in popularity, but they're a yo-no from doctors.
Vibrators may be the it toys for vulvas, but penises have 'strokers.'
Even for those locked up with a partner, self-love reigned during the pandemic.
Safe sex and regular checkups are crucial, even when a penis isn’t involved.
If you think you've got 'dead vagina syndrome,' think again.
If your birth control lowers your sex drive, take these measures to counteract.
Four millennials prove sex under your parents’ roof isn’t off the table.
Our Q&A should encourage you to play with your hidden—and hot—prostate zone.
It only took one political scandal to spark a global movement.
Finding the perfect lube choice for sensitive skin can be tricky. Let us help!
Get out of your own head and back into the bedroom by making positive changes in your life.
Working on your masturbation technique can spice up intimacy with your partner, too.
You don't need to flip around 14 times per session to be a sexual dynamo.
What you do after sex can make a world of difference in protecting your health.
Engaging in solo play is good for your mental and physical health. Just don't grip it too hard.
Here are the basics of exploring your body and enjoying what you find.
Masturbation may be a 'get in and get out' operation for you, but here's how to really get off.
Sex toys boost pleasure, but they can also cause infection. Here's how to be safe.
Two experts weigh in on all your noisy vag concerns.
An intimate night shouldn't leave your vagina feeling like it survived a high-intensity workout.
The biggest surprises were…well, just read on and you might be quite surprised, too.
Alone time isn't just for guys. A good percentage of women masturbate too, with porn or without.
One of the easiest and safest ways to spice up your sex life is to explore the world of toys.
Equivalent to the female G-spot, the P-spot can become an integral part of full-body orgasms.
Two sex experts dish on the best ways women can achieve anal orgasms.
Self-pleasure can be casual or a big event, but in any case, it has some great benefits.
Let's break down this mythical erogenous zone and find out if the fantasy can come true.
Sexually active? Keep your pH balanced and your vagina healthy with these tips.
Want to learn about lube? Check out these four categories to consider before purchase.
Prostate orgasms can offer a new realm of pegging pleasure for the curious.
Feeling down can impact your interest in getting down. Here, how to reignite the spark.
This ‘warm’ and ‘euphoric’ erogenous zone may be your new favorite thing.
DIY options for sexy time are all around the house: ties, spatulas, candles and more.
Here's how to avoid the dreaded death-grip masturbation syndrome.
If a toy goes into your body, make sure it comes out.
Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and penis rings. Everyone can have fun with toys in the bedroom.
Work on your long-distance relationship with these tips to maintain and improve your sex life.
A sex toy can be a lot of fun, but seriously now, it requires proper use and cleaning.
Here’s what everyone should know about different types of female orgasms.
Sex toys are fun, but it’s essential to clean them well so you can avoid spreading infections.
You can choose from all kinds of makes and models to help shake things up with good vibrations.
Romance novels make it appear sex should last all day. What does the data say?
Increasing your penile sensitivity can improve sexual sensations in the bedroom.
If you’re starting HRT, here’s how to make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer.