You may already know about the elusive G-spot, the intensity of nipple play or that little area behind the ear, but what about that other pleasure point? It’s not as well-known as some erogenous areas, but it deserves some recognition. The A-spot, also known as the “deep spot,” is a nickname for the anterior fornix erogenous zone, an area at the deepest point of the front wall of the vagina.

The A-spot is actually thought to be part of the internal clitoris, which extends well into the abdomen. The exterior area we see is just the beginning of a much larger clitoral structure. This sensitive zone is at the very end of the anterior vaginal wall, right in front of the cervix.

In a 1997 study conducted by the Malaysian sexologist and doctor Dr. Chua Chee Ann, A-spot stimulation was used as a clinical treatment for cisgender women suffering from “chronic complaints of dryness and pain or discomfort during intercourse.” His results? More than three-quarters of his study’s participants had a marked increase in vaginal lubrication after just