If you've ever taken a trip to a sex shop or read an erotic fiction book, you may have felt curious about adding food to the bedroom. You'd have lots of options: candy G-strings, putting whipped cream or chocolate syrup on your partner's body—the ideas are endless.

But knowing things can be sensitive down under, are there potential risks you should keep in mind? Should food stay in the kitchen? We asked a couple of experts for their takes.

It's an iffy situation at best

There's a chance sexy food games won't turn out to be so sexy, after all.

"Anytime an outside source, whether it be a new partner, a new scented detergent, an antibiotic, prolonged elevated blood sugar or anything else, interrupts the vagina's normal state, it can lead to a problem," said Rebeka Racz, a women's health nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood in New York City.

The problems she's talking about include bacterial vaginosis (BV),