Guys who are savvy about sex toys come in all personality types, from the quiet entrepreneur who travels with his Tenga Egg to the flamboyant roommate with a well-loved Fleshlight. According to the Tenga Self-Pleasure Report 2020, the proportion of men who own sex toys has grown from 20 percent in 2016 to 41 percent in 2020.

But what if you're not so sex-toy savvy? How can you buy a male masturbator for the first time without making an ill-informed purchase you could come to regret?

The following is advice from sex toy company executives and sex educators on how to avoid the most common mistakes men make when buying male masturbators. Perhaps their guidance can save you some time and money.

Mistake No. 1

Buying from disreputable sellers

Experts agree that Amazon, Alibaba and eBay aren't the best places to buy sex toys. Some Amazon sellers use paid reviews and pretend to be legitimate