Masturbation, especially among men, can sometimes be devalued as little more than a chore. They do it the same way for years on end with little more than the end result in mind. It's a recipe for falling into a rut.

The activity should prove an intimate time that naturally cultivates one of the most important relationships in a guy's life: the one with his body. If your appreciation of your private time has diminished, you may try to implement new methods of masturbation.

1. Edging is a buzzword for good reason

Masturbation doesn't have to be one and done, according to certified sex expert Isabelle Uren. The Denmark-based Uren recommended extending your sexual session with edging.

"Let your arousal build until you feel like you are about to come, and then stop and take a few deep breaths to let the orgasm subside before starting up again," she said. "You can repeat this as many times as you want to build up the tension before letting yourself orgasm."

2. Switch your grip

Los Angeles-based urologist Joshua Gonzalez, M.D., suggested reconsidering the "how" of your