The voice-only format offers more foreplay and inclusivity, which female listeners crave.
'Pleasure mapping' can take your foreplay to whole new levels.
'Pleasure mapping' can take your foreplay to whole new levels.
If sex has become predictable, this is what you need to do.
Forget what you think you know: All nipples are created equal.
Forget what you think you know: All nipples are created equal.
Stimulate this often-forgotten erogenous zone through perineum massage and other methods.
A love bruise is born of romantic enthusiasm, but clearing these marks is a simple fix.
Become aware of the internal clitoris and how stimulating it makes for better sex.
Getting in tune with your body and communicating your needs may be the answer.
Thanks to online dating and a shifting culture, bedroom eyes may be harder to come by.
While getting verbally naughty can help elevate the erotic mood, it can also go horribly wrong.
The world of alternative types of sexual fulfillment is limited only by your imagination.
It's great to know what you like, but masturbation is a safe time to try new approaches.
Staying connected after sex can improve the experience as a whole.
Reevaluate your expectations of sex to make it less of a competition and more about intimacy.
They're full-body and powerful, no matter how far away they are from your genitals.
From explicit sex scenes to emotional depths, racy novels can make us hot.
Tips for kickstarting copulation for the shy and self-conscious.
This scandalous genre has some hidden benefits, so don't judge it by its cover.
A hard-to-penetrate vagina may not mean what you think it does.
Tips for incorporating erotic language into lovemaking—even if the idea makes you squirm.
Explain how vaginismus impacts your life—and how it can affect your partner—before having sex.
You're not a failure if you don't climax. There are much more important qualities to consider.
No matter the size of your penis, you can still spark fireworks in the bedroom.
But a few small changes can improve your sexual performance.
You don't need to flip around 14 times per session to be a sexual dynamo.
Speedy sex can be thrilling, but faster isn't always better.
A threesome might be a great way to spice up your love life. But how do you make it happen?
Enhancing your sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch can make for an exhilarating experience.
Here's how couples can navigate endometriosis together.
Get out of your comfort zone and fantasize. It will add a little sizzle to your sex life.
You’ve had a procedure to improve your health—great! Now, when can you get back to having sex?
What is roleplay if not sexy improvisation? Use your ad-lib skills to create erotic thrills.
Sex starts way before intercourse—even before anyone’s clothes come off.