One of the most limited aspects of self-exploration has to be how people view sex.

While times are changing and minds are opening, far too many guys still believe "sex" only occurs with penile penetration of the vagina or anus until orgasm is reached—and maybe by the partner, too, if they're lucky.

It turns out erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a pretty dramatic wake-up call for men with such a belief. Even without that obstacle, unlearning this limiting viewpoint can be eye-opening for guys and their partners.

If men and their partners are going to experience pleasure together apart from penetration, especially with ED in the mix, they need to know a few methods and strategies.

Face ED honestly

Healthcare workers and sex therapists often say that simply explaining to men how common ED is can help clear up some of the negative feelings it can engender.

"A lot of patients will tell me how much they appreciate being able to talk openly about those things," said Neel Parekh