Foreplay is a common part of sex for a lot of people: warming up, getting into the mood and communicating with one another. What can get left out of the conversation, however, is afterplay, or aftercare.

Many people practice self-care in small or large ways every day, so why shouldn't a similar effort be made during sex? Winding down with partners after sex comes with a whole host of mental and physical benefits. Plus, people get to stay in a happy "sex bubble" longer.

What is aftercare?

"Aftercare is when you look after yourself or a partner after sex in a way similar to self-care," said Ness Cooper, a clinical sexologist in the United Kingdom. "It is to help with dealing with any psychological or physical effects that may occur after sexual interactions. Everyone has their own aftercare method and not everyone will enjoy aftercare in the same way."

Aftercare has a long history of use in the BDSM and