Getting down to the task at hand (or maybe at mouth?) is a well-meaning mistake plenty of enthusiastic men make with female sexual partners. After all, if an act feels amazing, why wouldn't you want to get to the grand finale?

Well, for one thing, the more you make her wait, the more payoff there might be.

"Rather than going straight to clitoral stimulation, give [her] body time to become fully aroused by touching other erogenous zones and slowly moving towards the genitals," said Danish sex expert Isabelle Uren, a resident sex educator at online sex toy store BedBible. "When fully aroused, you can begin stimulating your clitoris, which should be extra sensitive and ready for action."

This comes down to biology, essentially. The various chambers and sheaths of the penis are designed to rapidly engorge with blood, signifying sexual readiness. After male climax, the blood flow exiting the penis may be equally rapid. It takes a little longer for a vagina to fully engorge, which may not sound sexually relevant but absolutely is: The more blood present, the more sensitive the area. Blood dissipates from the vagina at