If you’re new to sexual roleplay, it can be intimidating. By the time we’re adults, most of us have long since stopped playing make-believe, and tapping into that same un-self-conscious, interactive, impromptu creativity can be difficult.

But there’s one group that continues to hone this skill well after their schoolyard days: improvisers. And who better to share expert-level roleplay tips than an improv coach?

With that in mind, I spoke with Jill Eickmann, co-founder and artistic director of Leela, a San Francisco-based improv theater and school. I wanted to learn some of her best improv tips, and find out how those can transfer to roleplaying.

Get in the zone

Almost anyone who’s taken an improv class will be familiar with warm-up exercises, but don’t worry, you don’t have to incorporate Zip Zap Zop into your foreplay. An easy way for a couple to prime themselves for roleplay is by bringing up some different scenarios they find hot: nurse and patient, boss and employee, pizza-delivery guy and