Sex shouldn't be painful (unless by design), but it's not totally out of the norm to wake up the morning after feeling a little sore or even walking funny. Maybe you like that kind of reminder of a night well spent, but if you're wondering WTF is up with your achy lady parts after the oxytocin has worn off, these issues could be to blame.

You weren't wet enough

Arousal activates the nervous system, which kick-starts the natural lubrication process by increasing the blood flow to the genitals. "That causes fluid to ooze onto the vaginal mucosa from the underlying blood vessels," said Jean Marino, a women's health nurse practitioner at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. This process is meant to protect the vagina from friction during penetration. Generally, the more turned on you are, the wetter you get.

But even if you're super-turned-on, that doesn't guarantee a WAP (decreased lubrication can be linked to menopause, perimenopause, birth control pills, certain medical conditions and medications, anxiety, depression and even just stress, Marino said). If that's the case and you still have penetrative sex