Everyone was in lockdown, and even if only a few streets away, our loved ones were off-limits. So it's absolutely no surprise to anyone that COVID-19 caused sex toy sales to skyrocket.

This trend placed a lot more battery-operated devices in our homes, which leads to the all-important question: When a sex toy has run its course, what's the environmentally friendly way of clearing out your bedside drawer? Have sex toy retailers jumped on the sustainability bandwagon to help with this problem?

People might dispose of toys after a breakup if they're painful mementos, such as ones purchased or used together, or for normal wear and tear. Regardless of the reason for saying goodbye to an old friend, how can a conscientious consumer responsibly dispose of their sex toy?

Well, there's a confusing array of advice and scant resources, but it is possible to make greener choices as the programs for sex toy recycling continue to evolve.

Sex toy recycling

The state of sex toy recycling is a bit disorderly. Many people don't know they have the option to recycle at all, let alone multiple options. The first