Water-based. Oil-based. Silicone-based. Hybrid.

When perusing a sex shop with so many lubricant choices, it can be difficult to choose the right type for you. While lubes are generally safe to use and make sex feel better, some people with a penis may experience irritation.

Lubricants are more likely to irritate a vagina than a penis, according to Reid Mihalko, a sex educator and the CEO and founder of reidaboutsex.com. For instance, the lube could potentially throw off the pH balance of the vagina, which could lead to irritation and infection.

"Generally speaking, penises are a lot more resilient," Mihalko said. "The ecosystem of a penis is less sensitive than that of a vagina. Unless you have an allergy to the actual ingredient in the lube, I don't hear often about penis owners running into some sort of allergy problems."

Men having allergic reactions to lube is relatively rare but could happen, said Ashley Manta, a California-based sex and relationship coach and founder of CannaSexual, a site that promotes combining