It's always good to wear protection, but are you doing it the right way?
It's always good to wear protection, but are you doing it the right way?
For many people, spermicides are a must-have to prevent pregnancy. How about you?
For many people, spermicides are a must-have to prevent pregnancy. How about you?
This form of birth control can be used by all genders and can be up to 95 percent effective.
Ignore the stigma. Find out what sexually transmitted diseases are and how to avoid them.
Adult porn industry stars have safety measures in place, just like any other professionals.
Adult porn industry stars have safety measures in place, just like any other professionals.
Adult porn industry stars have safety measures in place, just like any other professionals.
Time out! We need to dispel the myth that you can't get an STI from having oral sex.
Increased access to hormonal birth control and PreP may contribute to riskier sex behaviors.
Prepare yourself for all the twists and turns you may face in your sex life.
Although the STD can be cured in this phase, the further stages may not be as manageable.
Just like over-the-counter meds, contraceptives come with expiration dates.
An estimated 1 in 5 Americans have a sexually transmitted infection on any given day.
Unlike chickenpox, people don't become immune to STDs after getting sick once.
The CDC finds an increasing number of transmissions. Safety measures can protect you.
Many conditions, not just STIs, should make guys think about sheathing their sword more often.
If you're one of the unlucky few with a latex allergy, try protection with different materials.
You should be aware of these 8 ingredients before a 'glove' goes on or in your body.
Whether giving or receiving, here are the facts to do things safely.
The cervical cap and diaphragm are vaginal options that might be worth considering.
Billions of people worldwide have herpes simplex virus type 1. Do we have your attention now?
The link between cigarettes and human papillomavirus is more pronounced than you might think.
A study indicates a link between meeting online and potentially unsafe behavior—use your head.
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but pleasure is the unsung motivator of progress.
This seminal decision creates a path for other companies to market contraception for anal sex.
A community unrepresented in the billion-dollar industry stakes its claim.
Conflicting evidence shows Plan B may not work as well for some people—but you have options.
MGen is an STD with symptoms similar to other known infections, so why don’t we talk about it?
No matter what contraceptive you use, there are factors that can complicate things.
Lubricants are usually safe for penile use. Find one that agrees with your skin—and use plenty.
Experts reveal a 5-step plan for achieving great casual sex.
The sexually transmitted disease's long-term health impacts can cause permanent complications.
Demystify the gaps in sex ed, and learn practical solutions to keep you safe.
It's been more than 60 years since women got The Pill. What's the holdup for guys?
Playtime without commitment can be a fun way to spread your wings—if you do it the right way.
What you should know about the unwelcome comeback of one of the most feared STDs in history.
Find the contraceptive method that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.
Latex, lambskin or luminescent: What you wrap up with makes a difference.
It's rare but not impossible to have an adverse reaction to your partner's ejaculate.
The right prophylactic for you is much more complicated than whether it uses animal products.
Despite years of advancement, there’s much more to learn about this still-misunderstood virus.
No one wants to contract an STD, but what if you get diagnosed with two of them? Ouch!
Before COVID, a virus had already infected the globe. We might fix it the same way.
Expert secrets on setting up a successful three-way—and making sure everyone has a good time.
It's fallen off the virus radar, but protecting yourself is key to enjoying your summer outside.
Are antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' real, or just good headlines for social media?
Testing and treatment aren't impossible, but gaining access to solutions can be difficult.
Looking to get busy abroad? Know what to bring for sexual encounters.
Looking to get busy abroad? Know what to bring for sexual encounters.
With infections on the rise, everyone should take precautions and know the risks.
Women heading abroad should prep for sexual health needs and be ready for spontaneity.
Women heading abroad should prep for sexual health needs and be ready for spontaneity.
Pandemic pounds or single slump be damned, it’s time to get out and enjoy yourself.
Want to be prepared for penetration? Here's what to choose from for protection and pleasure.
Understanding the dangers of 'trich' can help you protect your reproductive health.
I did everything right to clear my infection, so why didn’t anyone believe me?
How is prostatitis treated? What are some prevention methods? Here are the answers you need.
Forget the old 'think about baseball' trick and use these tried-and-true tips instead.
If your birth control lowers your sex drive, take these measures to counteract.
With condoms, mistakes during sex can happen, including breaks, slips and falls.
Our Q&A should encourage you to play with your hidden—and hot—prostate zone.
Beat premature ejaculation with gels, sprays and condoms that decrease sensation.
Hormonal contraceptives are linked to candidiasis, but other factors can cause them, too.
Finding the perfect lube choice for sensitive skin can be tricky. Let us help!
Rates crept to an all-time high in 2019, with marginalized communities hit hardest.
Research gaps prevent us from knowing the full repercussions of HIV and AIDS on fertility.
After a pandemic-induced dry spell, Americans are ready to glove up.
Herpes is an extremely common STI, and you or your partner may already have it.
If pharmaceutical or barrier contraception methods aren't for you, you may want to try FAM.
These STDs frequently get mistaken for each other, but here's what makes them different.
Most people will have HPV in their lifetime, so does telling anyone help?
Modern syphilis treatments save lives, but what should patients do after they're cured?
Recognizing symptoms and getting treatment early protects vital organs and your nervous system.
Could that peeling skin on your hands be the second stage of an STD?
Stories about syphilis have been around for more than 500 years. What's real and what's myth?
Disadvantages in dark-field microscopy have led to its replacement in syphilis detection.
Trichomoniasis causes premature labor and low birth rates, but treatment is effective.
HPV symptoms are rarely obvious, so caution and monitoring are crucial to minimize cancer risk.
This scary-sounding STD resists treatment and shines a light on the importance of testing.
Obscure symptoms and public health failures may be causing the recent rise in syphilis.
The pill may be a miraculous drug, but it's not perfect. Here's what you need to know.
Sex toys boost pleasure, but they can also cause infection. Here's how to be safe.
HPV doesn't have to be a roadblock for sex. There are ways to protect you and your partner.
The viral video platform has become a space to share sexual health info, for better or worse.
The rise of STDs in gay and bisexual men creates more risk for HIV and other complications.
An intimate night shouldn't leave your vagina feeling like it survived a high-intensity workout.
As long as humans have known how babies are made, we've looked for ways to prevent having them.
If you're exposed to the herpes simplex virus, act quickly to stop the spread.
The U=U campaign seems too good to be true, but studies increasingly support it.
HPV is the most common STI, and it's linked to cancer, so diagnosis and treatment are critical.
Spend more time enjoying sex by finding a solution to premature ejaculation. We have options.
Certain lifestyle habits, including unprotected sex, may be to blame. Find out the facts.
Know how to spot chlamydia, the most commonly reported STD among U.S. adults.
While treatable, syphilis can cause major long-term health problems if not addressed quickly.
With specific care and attention, you can keep this unwelcome penis affliction at bay.
ED affects millions of men, across sexualities, and treatment is available for any and all.
When it comes to birth control, choose the type that's best suited to your lifestyle.
Condoms have been a 'no-brainer' method of birth control since the 1980s—what happened?
Trichomoniasis can be symptomless, which makes awareness and routine screenings paramount.
Here's what you're really sucking.
Here's what you're really sucking.
Everyone needs a safe sex kit to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
One of the most devastating STDs is making a comeback, so get educated about syphilis’s stages.
It’s embarrassing…but common. Despite changes, herpes doesn’t have to destroy your sex life.
States are trying to make intentionally slipping off or damaging your condom a criminal offense.
You may never have heard of it, but protecting yourself starts with learning the trich basics.
Find out why you shouldn’t be complacent about contracting ‘less serious’ STDs like gonorrhea.
Pre-exposure prophylaxis has helped many people avoid HIV. Find out if it might work for you.
Sex toys are fun, but it’s essential to clean them well so you can avoid spreading infections.
You can choose from all kinds of makes and models to help shake things up with good vibrations.