Pregnancy is filled with possible health risks for both mother and baby. In addition to genetic conditions, a variety of possible infections can negatively affect the development of the child and complicate the delivery process. To avoid complications during pregnancy, women should undergo frequent testing, including screening for trichomoniasis.

What is trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis, or "trich," is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) passed by skin-to-skin contact. Unlike other STDs prevented by condoms, this infection is parasitic, so any long-term skin-to-skin contact can allow the microscopic parasite to pass from one person to another. The symptoms of this infection are often overlooked, which increases the chances of transmission and misdiagnosis.

Trich is considered one of the most common STDs because the only way to prevent the spread is to avoid sexual contact of any kind and to receive treatment once diagnosed. Women and men in their early 20s were once thought to be the most susceptible to this infection. However, it's now known that women in their 40s have one of the