At-home kits are available to anyone 17 or older. Here's how to order and how it works.
Find out the signs and symptoms of this infection, and how it's diagnosed and prevented.
Public health nurses are successfully using dating apps to find people who may have STIs.
Ignore the stigma. Find out what sexually transmitted diseases are and how to avoid them.
Educate yourself first, and only then tell your date or partner about the virus you have.
Pelvic inflammatory disease may be a silent guest in your body, but there are ways to find out.
Pelvic inflammatory disease may be a silent guest in your body, but there are ways to find out.
Early treatment can clear it up in about a week, but you need to know you have it first.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a prostate issue that may hinder sex but can't hurt a partner.
Using your mouth for sexual pleasure can put you at risk for syphilis, gonorrhea and hepatitis.
The state's number of infants delivered with the STD increased from 8 to 106 in five years.
There's no shame in testing positive for this common STD as recovery is straightforward.
You may be asymptomatic, but we have strategies that'll keep you sexually healthy.
This sexually transmitted infection may clear up naturally, but don't take testing for granted.
Long story short: Get tested regularly as this STD can be resolved quickly and easily.
Thirteen women sue, claiming the man's actions gave them HSV-1.
In the middle of a nasty divorce, the businessman claims her false allegations cost him his job.
Although common, this STD can have serious health consequences if left untreated.
State health experts are urging sexually active residents to practice safer sex.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
What is sex and why do we do it? And why do we always want more?
You can pass the infection to your sex partners even if you have no symptoms.
Time out! We need to dispel the myth that you can't get an STI from having oral sex.
EPT is a longtime treatment option in California, but has not yet been adopted by all states.
To prevent serious problems from this STD, early treatment and frequent testing are essential.
Increased access to hormonal birth control and PreP may contribute to riskier sex behaviors.
Prioritize awareness and stop letting shame dictate your healthcare.
How do you notice the symptoms of HIV when the most common sign is, well, nothing?
Although the STD can be cured in this phase, the further stages may not be as manageable.
Intimate relationships can seem intimidating when you have an STD, but don't feel ashamed.
You may not have symptoms of this parasitic STI, but serious complications could arise.
A new study suggests doxycycline can reduce STI risk, but there are resistance concerns.
An estimated 1 in 5 Americans have a sexually transmitted infection on any given day.
A new batch of research links the two bacteria, but safe sex practices are still most effective.
Some types of bumps on your penis are more concerning than others.
Understand what goes into treating the acute and chronic versions of the urological condition.
What is this so-called STI and why does the internet community continue to think it's credible?
Be cautious about sexually transmitted infections, but don't make yourself sick from worry.
No one will ever fight for your rights as much as you should for yourself. Here's how.
Are we doing enough to prepare our children for their future safety?
It all starts with a scratch. Here's how to identify and prevent these itchy insects.
Understanding the virus and taking protective measures can help you and your sexual partners.
From early reports to a national health emergency, the virus is beginning to pick up momentum.
All manner of things can cause itchiness below the belt. Don't assume the cause is innocuous.
A new study reaffirms a strong link between this gynecological cancer and human papillomavirus.
Unlike chickenpox, you can catch a sexually transmitted disease again. And again. And again.
Experts weigh in on what you need to know to battle this uncomfortable condition.
Having a sexually transmitted infection is bad, but what other people think can make it worse.
The CDC finds an increasing number of transmissions. Safety measures can protect you.
Telemedicine has its perks, but intimate issues sometimes require a personal touch.
Failing public health systems may be responsible for the lack of timely treatment that cures CS.
Convenient and noninvasive, a new diagnostic test for cervical cancer is on the horizon.
Though usually found in women, this STI can also hit men and potentially harm the urethra.
Diagnoses of these ailments, whether benign or malignant, are reasons to visit your doctor.
What's causing that pain down under doesn't necessarily have a hard-and-fast answer.
Many conditions, not just STIs, should make guys think about sheathing their sword more often.
No one wants creepy-crawlies on their genitalia. Be aware of the symptoms and treatments.
A urologist explains how common problems arise for the duct transporting semen.
There are an estimated 2 million cases of trich, but only 30 percent present symptoms.
If you're one of the unlucky few with a latex allergy, try protection with different materials.
Taking precautions is key, but relies on knowing the right facts first.
No, it's not quite as easy as porn would have you believe, but the payoff can be worth the work.
Finding the right partner is already difficult. HSV-2 doesn't have to make it harder.
Discharge and painful urination are symptoms of the inflammatory condition urethritis.
Testing for this STD is most often a two-step process, but those steps may vary.
Doctors need to determine the type of infection before they can prescribe the treatment.
Home visits and technology could help more people manage sexual wellness and mental health.
With rates at record highs, don't use squeamishness over talking about your status as an excuse.
A deep dive into the comment section reveals gaps in our collective sex health education.
Billions of people worldwide have herpes simplex virus type 1. Do we have your attention now?
HSV-2 has different considerations for people born with vaginas than for people with penises.
The number of seniors contracting sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise in the U.S.
Spotting mid-menstrual cycle isn't typically cause for alarm, but here's what to keep in mind.
Predicting the timing of an HSV recurrence is impossible. Knowing what to look for isn't.
The link between cigarettes and human papillomavirus is more pronounced than you might think.
It's possible to elicit an allergic reaction on your partner with basic skin-to-skin contact.
A study indicates a link between meeting online and potentially unsafe behavior—use your head.
If the thought of waxing makes you wince, try these pro tips to make the process less painful.
Skene's glands may be the cause of your bladder discomfort.
How will this new drug be implemented and who will it actually help most?
This seminal decision creates a path for other companies to market contraception for anal sex.
If you're experiencing unpleasant vulval sensations, vulvitis may be the cause.
From the differences between 'infection' and 'disease' to understanding risks, get the facts.
Modern medications and active management of the virus keep reproductive options open.
Two men have previously been cured, but this latest case required a new approach.
This treatment option may encourage the cervix to produce normal cells.
Yes, evidence suggests pre-exposure prophylactics will still do the job.
While researchers found it to be more serious and contagious, its spread has largely slowed.
Its symptoms can be nil, its effects not felt for years, but HPV should be top of mind.
Those high school anatomy textbook drawings didn't quite show you the whole picture.
Researchers are investigating the technology that fights COVID-19 for further uses.
The average length of the prepuce isn't easy to define, but it's also not a source of concern.
Inflammation of the penis head has several risk factors, and the origin determines treatment.
This condition can lead to PID and infertility, so early intervention is crucial.
When it comes to STI prevention, education beats criminalization.
These suggestions may seem obvious, but you need to heed them—get in shape and see your doctor.
A painful vulva can be caused by several factors, but OTC treatments are available.
MGen is an STD with symptoms similar to other known infections, so why don’t we talk about it?
How you choose to style your pubes may impact more than aesthetics.
Early detection—no surprise—and a multispecialty effort may help you avoid a penectomy.
While it's not something to add to your worry list, you should be aware of the symptoms.
Content creators are fighting back against herpes' longtime stigma.
STIs and urinary issues cause most cases, so prevent the former and address the latter quickly.
Largely treatable in its early stages, this skin infection causes problems if left unabated.
Experts reveal a 5-step plan for achieving great casual sex.
Often mistaken for an STI, penile eczema is itchy, irritating and also emotionally painful.
What does a straight mother of a gay son need to know about the HIV prevention pill?
Having your backside checked regularly might just save your life.
A condition called hematospermia is surprising but not likely serious. Learn about the causes.
Even with state-mandated screening, women in low socioeconomic areas may face hurdles.
No medical condition has to be the end of your dating life.
'The Great Pox' was a brutal, deadly disease that wreaked havoc on the world for centuries.
The sexually transmitted disease's long-term health impacts can cause permanent complications.
Political activism and education are key for this escort.
Demystify the gaps in sex ed, and learn practical solutions to keep you safe.
Americans ages 9 to 26 can be vaccinated against HPV—but what if you're older?
Making a splash outdoors sounds adventurous and sexy...but can it lead to diseases and STIs?
Two prevalent STIs make the list, but so do conditions not directly tied to reproduction.
Gonorrhea is evolving so fast that it's outsmarting our ability to cure it.
Treatment-resistant conditions dwell under the umbrella of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
After eight years, he's speaking out on the diagnosis shared with more than a million Americans.
On this week's episode, the drag queen educates fans on the reality of living with the virus.
HPV causes more than 60 percent of cases—and most sexually active people have had it.
Working with your doctor can help prevent future complications.
What's the difference between arousal fluid and normal vaginal fluid?
The oral counterpart to genital chlamydia is every bit as dangerous, just lesser-known.
One case is worse, but both affect well-being.
Urethra repair isn't any guy's dream, but this procedure is a long-term fix.
Most are curable, but when left untreated, secondary complications can be life-threatening.
Throat irritation after oral sex may be the first sign you have an STI/STD.
That skin irritation could be a sign of an STI.
Syphilis scares from Oklahoma to Australia have folks nervous about a sensation down under.
Got questions about this itchy and uncomfortable skin disease?
Not all stigmatization is discrimination, but the connection is clear.
From ancient Greece to the 1960s, the history of it's stigmatization is long and complex.
Prevent or safely handle an asymptomatic infection with a bit of health management.
What you should know about the unwelcome comeback of one of the most feared STDs in history.
The virus can cause cervical cancer, but is there any reason that boys should get vaccinated?
In the name of public health, some states may be disproportionately targeting minorities.
Latex, lambskin or luminescent: What you wrap up with makes a difference.
From hyperpigmentation to sun exposure, there are plenty of harmless explanations.
An artist shares his story and other tales from the frontlines of the HIV epidemic.
While mostly harmless, this fluid-filled sac in the scrotum can lead to the need for treatment.
The right prophylactic for you is much more complicated than whether it uses animal products.
Despite years of advancement, there’s much more to learn about this still-misunderstood virus.
No one wants to contract an STD, but what if you get diagnosed with two of them? Ouch!
Before COVID, a virus had already infected the globe. We might fix it the same way.
It's true, STIs are a common source of epididymitis, but also be aware of other possible causes.
Whether soft or hard, some penises are veinier than others. Here's why.
How were members impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and what do the new guidelines look like?
The HIV/AIDS epidemic was poised to ruin America's sex drive. Along came the Queen of Pop.
Whether due to bacteria, STIs or prostate issues, unusual leaks are telling you to see a doctor.
Almost 80 million Americans are currently infected—that's a lot of warts.
It's not dangerous, but it will cause inflammation of the dorsal vein in the penis—and pain.
The diagnosis may be shoddy, but the symptoms are real enough.
Does acid make sex better or worse? Experiences vary for a number of reasons.
Instagram's That Gay Butt Stuff Doctor Carlton offers the anal analysis you need.
You've always made sure you were regularly tested for STIs. What could go wrong?
Blood in your urine or other conditions that may need treatment. Let a urologist make that call.
Asking about a new partner's testing habits is an awkward but necessary part of dating.
Communication and caution are some of the smartest routes to a happy dating life.
To avoid transmitting an infection, you first have to know you have it.
Most cases of the virus are asymptomatic, so how are you supposed to know if you have it?
Does 'Hot Vax Summer' mean a coinciding return to in-person health appointments? It should.
As the original sexual liberation generation ages, understanding HPV becomes critical.
The infection in your urethra could be caused by a bacterium that experts are still studying.
Are antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' real, or just good headlines for social media?
Travelers beware: The virus is still a cause for concern in many countries.
Testing and treatment aren't impossible, but gaining access to solutions can be difficult.
How much do you actually know about one of the most infamous sexually transmitted diseases?
Though advances in HIV treatment have raised survival rates, a higher cancer risk still exists.
Rare and benign, this condition causes a hard, swollen vein that can be uncomfortable.
Sometimes you feel more, sometimes less. Why does it change?
The color and consistency of your semen can clue you in on certain health issues.
The ball is in your court when it comes to finding relief from this kind of genital pain.
Despite being stereotyped as promiscuous, some LGBTQ people are embracing abstinence.
With infections on the rise, everyone should take precautions and know the risks.
Women heading abroad should prep for sexual health needs and be ready for spontaneity.
Pandemic pounds or single slump be damned, it’s time to get out and enjoy yourself.
Want to be prepared for penetration? Here's what to choose from for protection and pleasure.
Scabies is an easily treated parasitic infection that carries a damaging social stigma.
Here's how the STI can progress from infection to non-erection—and how to avoid it.
Here's how to talk with your healthcare provider about the swelling in your scrotum.
Understanding the dangers of 'trich' can help you protect your reproductive health.
Do successful coronavirus vaccines mean hope for vaccination against HIV/AIDS?
I did everything right to clear my infection, so why didn’t anyone believe me?
From fractures to curves, here's a hard look into lesser-known penis problems.
Never ignore pain in your penis, because it may indicate a serious underlying problem.
Cancer of your penis? It can happen. Find out how to identify and treat it.
Fear has many playing squatty-potty, but it's mostly safe to sit on the bowl.
Here's what to do if you've been overenthusiastic or careless with your friend downstairs.
These similar viruses have some very important differences.
Knowing what causes it can certainly help you avoid it. We're here to help.
This new extension to an old sporting metaphor encourages a high-pressure approach to sex.
Having heavy cramping may be a sign of a more serious condition.
It's a fast solution for unwanted smells. Here's how it works and why you should avoid overuse.
Here's what you need to know about the physical symptoms that might point to epididymitis.
Safe sex and regular checkups are crucial, even when a penis isn’t involved.
No one's genitals are immune to this irritating fungus. But you can do something about it.
Men who want to be a father can make lifestyle changes to ensure they produce quality sperm.
The signs don't necessarily mean you have the disease. Find out what else it could be.
How is prostatitis treated? What are some prevention methods? Here are the answers you need.
Even if you wrap it before you tap it, things can always go wrong.
Follow these tips to reduce stress after learning about your condition.
Why don't dating apps provide helpful information about STIs and STDs on their platforms?
For people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, 'normal' is significantly more complicated to define.
If you notice a discharge from your penis, STIs aren't the only cause.
Don’t panic—here’s when to seek professional help about changes to your private parts.
You shouldn't ignore either testicular condition, so take the time to get to know both of them.
A herpes diagnosis doesn't have to mean the end of sex for either of you.
From Freud’s primal scene to fear of death, it’s not just ‘ageism’ at play here.
Rates crept to an all-time high in 2019, with marginalized communities hit hardest.
Common sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the U.S. What's causing the increase?
Take a closer look at the impact of sexually transmitted diseases on the immune system.
Research gaps prevent us from knowing the full repercussions of HIV and AIDS on fertility.
It's normal to be curious about your partner's sexual history, but be careful how you ask.
The more readily we all accept the validity of this vaccine, the more lives we will save.
Herpes is an extremely common STI, and you or your partner may already have it.
Getting someone pregnant can be more than just a biological impulse.
Here’s how to manage oral herpes breakouts and prevent them from reoccurring.
If you're hooking up, you may want to look into this HIV prevention drug.
With pleasure sometimes comes pain. Here's why you may get yeast infections after oral sex.
HIV detection and treatment have come a long way. Here’s a primer on HIV causes and stages.
An HIV diagnosis is not synonymous with an AIDS diagnosis, and does not mean a bleak prognosis.
Syphilis is an STD that can lead to serious complications. Know what to look for and get help.
Surprise: Your regular STI screening doesn't include one. Here's why it's best to be proactive.
Although epididymitis is a common genital inflammation, it's still largely unknown. Learn more.
These STDs frequently get mistaken for each other, but here's what makes them different.
Syphilis is a dangerous infection that can cause fetal deformities or death if left untreated.
Discussing your concerns when dealing with an STD doesn't have to be so hard.
While infection is prevalent, mostly harmless, there are some important reasons to tell your par
Modern syphilis treatments save lives, but what should patients do after they're cured?
Recognizing symptoms and getting treatment early protects vital organs and your nervous system.
HPV can create serious complications but doesn't often show symptoms. Take note and stay aware.
Eczema, psoriasis...or syphilis? A blood test may reveal what's really causing your skin rash.
Reducing your cervical cancer risk factors can improve your chances of survival, and prevent rec
The most common STI in the world could give you cancer, or it could simply disappear.
Penetrative sex isn't the only way STDs are spread. Oral sex requires caution, too.
This cancer warning sign is another reason why you should never postpone your regular Pap test.
Stories about syphilis have been around for more than 500 years. What's real and what's myth?
Disadvantages in dark-field microscopy have led to its replacement by other tests.
The parasite causes premature labor and low birth rates, but treatment is simple and effective.
HPV symptoms are rarely obvious, so caution and monitoring are crucial to minimize cancer risk.
What you do after sex can make a world of difference in protecting your health.
A life can be lived well even when an HIV diagnosis makes the future seem daunting.
How do HIV medications work? Have we cured AIDS? Can HIV transmission be prevented?
HIV symptoms change significantly as the disease progresses through multiple stages.
If you have pubic lice, you're among the 3 million annual cases in the U.S.
The key to safer sex is regular testing and communication.
An understanding of the physical and mental effects of HPV infection will help you manage it.
It can't be cured, but this common virus doesn't have to negatively affect your life and health.
Antibiotics and awareness mean syphilis isn't as dangerous as before—unless left untreated.
Syphilis is an extremely dangerous STD, with numerous stages and potentially lethal outcomes.
Despite social stigma, life with herpes can be both happy and healthy.
Herpes infections last a lifetime. Thankfully, there are effective treatment options.
A common infection with a wide variety of symptoms and severity, HSV can be easy to miss.
Treating both chlamydia and gonorrhea is usually simple if caught early.
Recognizing symptoms and getting tested are key to quicker treatment of these common STDs.
Some STIs and STDs don't have symptoms. Here's what you can do to protect your health.
It's important to know the facts about two of the most common and contagious STDs.
In rare cases, this common STI can do a lot of harm.
An infection from HPV often clears up on its own, but here's what you can do if it doesn't.
Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome is a rare threat, but it should be taken seriously if you have PID.
Feeling anxiety over a cervical biopsy? Knowing what to expect can help assuage your worries.
A few products from your pantry may be the simple solution to this common problem.
Most cervical cancers can be prevented with help from your doctor and a healthy immune system.
This scary-sounding STD resists treatment and shines a light on the importance of testing.
Herpes can't be cured, but you can treat cold sores caused by the virus.
Obscure symptoms and public health failures may be causing the recent rise in syphilis.
Daily supplements can improve immune system function and may prevent HPV-related illnesses.
Gonorrhea is even more serious when you’re pregnant, so treatment is key to protect your baby.
All those clichéd healthy-lifestyle recommendations matter more when you're trying to conceive.
HPV doesn't have to be a roadblock. There are a number of ways to protect you and your partner.
Don't wonder what information pertaining to herpes is true and what's a myth. We have the facts.
Don’t let anything you’ve heard about syphilis prevent you from staying safe while having sex.
STDs and STIs can lead to serious complications, so it's important to know the facts.
Left untreated, gonorrhea can lead to several conditions that impact fertility. Testing is key.
Chlamydia is common and treatable, but unchecked, its long-term effects can impact your future.
Look out for the warning signs that might indicate an STD, especially if you're at risk.
It may feel awkward but it’s not painful. A Pap smear should top your list of essential tests.
Traditions, health reasons and sexual function all contribute to the debate over circumcision.
If a partner tests positive for an STD, use these tips to safely address the situation.
Eradication of cervical cancer is an achievable goal—if we can get resources to critical sites.
The rise of STDs in gay and bisexual men creates more risk for HIV and other complications.
Yes, it's sexually transmitted, but that doesn't mean this infection is limited to genitals.
An intimate night shouldn't leave your vagina feeling like it survived a high-intensity workout.
Hollywood loves a splashy sex scene, but what are the realities of underwater sex?
If you're exposed to the herpes simplex virus, act quickly to stop the spread.
Staying informed about HPV can reduce your risk for cancer, including cervical cancer.
Itching down below? Here's a list of possible causes along with helpful treatments.
Basic information and daily clues can help you understand and avoid herpes outbreaks.
The U=U campaign seems too good to be true, but studies increasingly support it.
Don’t be intimidated by your first Pap smear. It’s an important part of reproductive health.
HPV is the most common STI, and it's linked to cancer, so diagnosis and treatment are critical.
Many times it's no big deal, but there may be situations where shrinkage is more serious.
Certain lifestyle habits, including unprotected sex, may be to blame. Find out the facts.
Know how to spot chlamydia, the most commonly reported STD among U.S. adults.
While treatable, syphilis can cause major long-term health problems if not addressed quickly.
Attitudes about sex have evolved significantly—so, too, should the attitude toward herpes.
Knowing how to optimize your fertility could help you and a partner conceive.
Pay close attention to factors and symptoms, because PID can get dangerous if left untreated.
Prevention is definitely best, but with early treatment, most HIV cases won't advance to AIDS.
Standard sex ed, especially in regard to nontraditional identity models, doesn't measure up.
With specific care and attention, you can keep this unwelcome penis affliction at bay.
Don't panic, here's what to do when bodily fluids end up in the most inconvenient spot.
Herpes is one of the most common STDs in the world. Here are facts about living with the virus.
Sexually active? Keep your pH balanced and your vagina healthy with these tips.
Inflammation of the epididymis can be painful and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know.
Some common viewpoints about sperm banks and donors are downright false. Here are the facts.
Here's a guide on how to avoid it—and treat it if you get it.
Having herpes can affect your pregnancy and your newborn, but the situation is manageable.
Too many people don't understand this relationship style, which leads to much misinformation.
Sex addiction is a behavioral disorder that can lead to complications in all aspects of life.
Women with HIV have a number of ways to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to their infant.
It’s not as impossible as it seems.
Reluctant to go to a doctor’s office? Try an at-home test for sexually transmitted diseases.
Condoms have been a 'no-brainer' method of birth control since the 1980s—what happened?
Learn about your spunk—it can tell you a lot about your health.
The timing depends a lot on gut instincts regarding your partner.
Yes, salad-tossing can be a source of good, clean fun.
Are injectables the future of viral load suppression therapy?
Pubic lice are unwelcome visitors but easily treatable when you know the facts.
Trichomoniasis can be symptomless, which makes awareness and routine screenings paramount.
Gonorrhea may show many symptoms, or none at all, so getting tested is key to your well-being.
The stigma left by the HIV/AIDS epidemic is almost as harmful as the disease. Let’s change that.
Here's what you're really licking.
Don’t let misinformation keep you from finding your best method of contraception.
Caring for an uncircumcised penis requires diligence, but some simple steps can make it easier.
I never thought I would have cancer at age 33, especially not cancer caused by an STI.
New guidelines say adults up to 45 years old can get the HPV vaccine. But is it worth it?
More men than women get HPV, but their risk of cancers is less. It’s far from harmless, though.
One of the most devastating STDs is making a comeback, so get educated about syphilis’s stages.
Health pros advocate for disclosure from individuals who have HSV. Some sufferers disagree.
It’s embarrassing…but common. Despite changes, herpes doesn’t have to destroy your sex life.
Learn how chlamydia is related to erectile dysfunction, and what you can do to protect yourself.
While huge strides have been made in HIV care, the virus is still a global health concern.
A possible STI is not the end of the world. Keep a level head and act quickly for best results.
Using drugs to enhance sexual pleasure can lead to physical, mental and legal hazards.
To mate for life or for a season? Learn more about the science of back-to-back relationships.
Looking for some variety down there? There’s more than one way to reach your pubic hair goals.
The keys to preventing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are education, caution and awareness.
States are trying to make intentionally slipping off or damaging your condom a criminal offense.
Spotting is definitely annoying and inconvenient, but is it cause for concern?
The natural habitat of pubic lice is in danger, but are those pesky crabs gone for good?
You may never have heard of it, but protecting yourself starts with learning the trich basics.
Herpes can lead to negative beliefs about your sex life, but shame isn’t the only option.
Find out why you shouldn’t be complacent about contracting ‘less serious’ STDs like gonorrhea.
The evolution of HIV/AIDS treatment has helped many patients enjoy normal life expectancy.
Pre-exposure prophylaxis has helped many people avoid HIV. Find out if it might work for you.
Getting tested is easy, and talking to your partner about it should be easy, too.
Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections have distinct differences.
Sex toys are fun, but it’s essential to clean them well so you can avoid spreading infections.
Pubic hair grooming habits are constantly evolving. What pubic practice is best for you?
Don’t put your sex life on hold during your period.
Increase vaginal health with fewer products and more nurture.
This bacterial infection can severely impact a woman’s sexual and reproductive health.
Pap smear results can affect the next steps for your health and well-being. Know what they mean.
Up to 20 percent of women suffer dyspareunia. Here’s a journey through the psychological causes.
Vulvar cancer is not common, but you need to identify symptoms early for good outcomes.
You’re following all the rules, and yet you’re not getting pregnant. Where do you go from here?
The bacterial infection prostatitis is common and highly treatable with lifestyle changes.
Penis health isn’t all you should focus on. Don’t forget about your testicles.
If you’re considering the procedure, it’s time to learn the pros and cons of circumcision.
While most males were circumcised as babies, some adult men are choosing to undergo the snip.
Safe hygiene habits are a good place to start when it comes to improving your sexual health.
Penis discomfort is not uncommon, but it’s important to identify the problem and seek help.
Male infertility can have many causes, but a proactive approach can yield positive results.