"You're putting what on where?" I thought after I first heard of a silver nitrate treatment—an intense-sounding solution to some minimal bleeding on my cervix seen during a regular Pap screening. My doctor gave me a half-assed explanation of why I was receiving the treatment and left me in the dark as to what was going on below the belt. I wouldn't find out until later that it was because of lesions from HPV.

When the treatment was applied to my cervix, a sudden warm sensation began to wash over me until I was profusely sweating and light-headed. When I was instructed to sit up, I immediately slumped over and passed out in my gynecologist's office.

This was more than 10 years ago, and Googling this treatment wasn't as easy as it is now. So when I did rush home to my desktop computer, the answers I found on forums were slim. Now, a quick Reddit search will show that I'm not alone, but that it's also not a monolithic experience. User u/mimined wrote six months ago, "I was not feeling well after the