To live healthy lives with normal life expectancy, HIV+ people are administered antiretroviral therapy (ART), a combination of drugs that are taken as a once-daily pill. Although it’s not a cure, the treatment suppresses the virus in most people within six months, making it less likely to impact the immune system in the long term.

ART can lower viral load levels so much that HIV becomes undetectable in the blood, effectively making it intransmissible. However, this doesn’t mean a patient should stop ART. Continuing consistent treatment is a vital key to maintaining an undetectable viral load.

The future of HIV medication aims to eliminate the inconvenience and potential for human error that comes with remembering to take pills every day. In January the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) moved closer to making this a widespread reality when it approved ViiV Healthcare’s Cabenuva, a combination of cabotegravir and