Directing a show as complex and intricate as a sex life can be a difficult task. Yes, it’s essential to look after the needs and health of the “leading man,” but the “supporting cast” is an equally important part of the lineup. Without them, the headliner can fall flat.

Seven common testicle issues can have a profound impact on your sex life. Find out more about each so you can recognize and hopefully avoid them.


This is a relatively benign, occasionally alarming-looking, testicular condition, in which fluid collects around a testicle. However, hydroceles can build up to the point of discomfort or pain if they grow large enough, in which case, you need to seek medical advice.

Hydroceles can develop due to trauma or injury, but often have no known cause.


This is a common affliction that affects around 600,000 males, mostly between ages 15 and 35, each year in America.

The epididymis is a long, coiled, tube-like structure in the scrotum where sperm mature. It can become infected or inflamed, resulting in