Here's a hint: It might not actually be your testicles causing the pain.
Here's a hint: It might not actually be your testicles causing the pain.
Understand what goes into treating the acute and chronic versions of the urological condition.
A urologist explains how common problems arise for the duct transporting semen.
Doctors need to determine the type of infection before they can prescribe the treatment.
You're acquainted with the downstairs neighbors, but you might not be familiar with their house.
This benign scrotal condition is a mystery to most people. Get the basics and help your man.
STIs and urinary issues cause most cases, so prevent the former and address the latter quickly.
Treatment-resistant conditions dwell under the umbrella of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
While mostly harmless, this fluid-filled sac in the scrotum can lead to the need for treatment.
A lump is the most common indicator—self-exams help—but be aware of other signs of the disease.
While STIs are a common source of the condition, there are other possible causes.
You expect it to affect nerves in your feet and legs, but your testes? Yep, there, too.
Regular investigation can be an important part of preventative care.
The ball is in your court when it comes to finding relief from this kind of genital pain.
Here's how the STI can progress from infection to non-erection—and how to avoid it.
Here's how to talk with your healthcare provider about the swelling in your scrotum.
Knowing what causes it can certainly help you avoid it. We're here to help.
Beyond prostate issues, several other conditions may be causing your frequent bathroom trips.
Not all lumps in the testicles are created equal. A spermatocele is benign but needs attention.
Here's what you need to know about the physical symptoms that might point to epididymitis.
A blow to the testicles isn't always a cause for concern, but it helps to know why it hurts.
Your self-exam in the shower is just the first of many possible tests your doctor may recommend.
Knowing when your boys need an intervention—and acting quickly—could be the key to keeping them.
Examining your testes regularly may help you detect abnormalities, including testicular cancer.
You shouldn't ignore either testicular condition, so take the time to get to know both of them.
Reaching for the scalpel may not be the first option for dealing with varicoceles anymore.
You need to be aware of how these conditions can affect fertility.
Although epididymitis is a common genital inflammation, it's still largely unknown. Learn more.
Left untreated, gonorrhea can lead to several conditions that impact fertility. Testing is key.
Most dudes are familiar with the sensation, but it's nothing to get your boxers in a wad about.
Inflammation of the epididymis can be painful and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know.
Epididymitis is a common condition in men between ages 14 and 35 that may cause infertility.
Penis health isn’t all you should focus on. Don’t forget about your testicles.