Epididy-what? That's likely the reaction you would get from a roomful of men if you told them you had tips for how to avoid epididymitis. Most of them probably would be unaware they have an epididymis, which is the structure on the back of the testicles that gets inflamed and causes the ailment.

Epididymitis is a painful condition that can often be easily avoided by practicing certain behaviors that reduce your risk. Some causes and risk factors of epididymitis, such as having an uncircumcised penis, may be beyond your control. However, knowing more about factors that contribute to epididymitis can help keep your penis safe and healthy—and you in a lot less pain.

Check out our collection of tips about how to avoid and reduce your risk for epididymitis.

Practice safe sex

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly gonorrhea and chlamydia, are the most common causes of epididymitis. The most effective ways to avoid an STI (other than abstinence) include reducing your number of sex partners and using barrier methods such as