Many men will develop benign prostatic hyperplasia. Find out how it might affect your life.
Many men will develop benign prostatic hyperplasia. Find out how it might affect your life.
This natural enlargement of the prostate isn't cancerous but may cause uncomfortable symptoms.
BPH can make socializing difficult, but symptoms are manageable with treatment and planning.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a prostate issue that may hinder sex but can't hurt a partner.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia isn't life-threatening, but its complications can alter daily life.
Urinary symptoms can point to an enlarged prostate, but not always in men in their 20s and 30s.
Urinary symptoms can point to an enlarged prostate, but not always in men in their 20s and 30s.
Steam treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia can minimize sexual function side effects.
Problems with the gland are almost inevitable, but there are ways to keep it healthy.
If you want to stay away from prescription meds, try a few remedies that nature offers.
It's a pain when pleasure hurts, and prostate complications could be behind the discomfort.
Reversing prostate growth with 5-alpha reductase inhibitors may cause low libido or ED.
A fear of overtreatment led to less PSA testing, but that may have been an overcorrection.
Guidelines concerning testing, biopsies and treatment have been updated in recent years.
Some men effectively manage their enlarged prostate symptoms without medication or surgery.
Yep, men can get UTIs; not as frequently as women do, but it still helps to know your risk.
As part of an overall regimen, the practice may yield physical, mental and sexual rewards.
An enlarged or inflamed gland can make urination problematic, though the symptoms differ.
Making even small changes to what you do (and don't) eat can improve the gland's health.
Keeping prostate- and vascular-caused urinary symptoms in check may lead to better erections.
Think this is too boring to read? Well, having more sex is one of the suggestions.
Prostate photovaporization relieves urinary symptoms as well as the 'gold standard' method.
A DRE doesn't take long, shouldn't be painful and is decidedly beneficial. Don't avoid it.
Exercise, even of light intensity, can help the prostate gland and its connected systems.
Besides driving ejaculation, the gland produces an enzyme that helps regulate its own growth.
High prostate-specific antigen levels often are indicative of less serious issues.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is common, and this drug class works for most, but not all, men.
Treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia vary widely, but one option is to just wait and see.
While cells control the gland's size, diet can help prostate health. Supplements? Not so much.
If you're experiencing symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, get the answers you need.
Yep, enhancing that once-lush mane might mask a prostate problem. But there's a solution.
While the trend is to limit these surgeries, they are sometimes necessary. Know what to expect.
Cancer isn't the only form of prostate disease, and women can help their partner spot problems.
We are what we eat—but maybe we are what we pee, as well.
This part of the male anatomy grows all your adult life, but how big is too big?
Touted by radiologists, PAE for benign prostatic hyperplasia is under clinical trial in the U.S.
For men with retrograde ejaculation, the big O is accompanied by the big 0—as in no semen.
Procedures for BPH have side effects. A diminished sex life doesn't have to be one of them.
Drug-based treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia are numerous and vary greatly.
Specific exercises might be elusive, but overall activity is definitely beneficial.
Blood in your urine or other conditions that may need treatment. Let a urologist make that call.
Extreme cold has been used to help treat cancer for years. Can it help in other ways?
New cancer screening methods give patients the tools to avoid more invasive procedures.
Still an important tool, a biopsy isn't automatic anymore thanks to new techniques and thinking.
Even inflammation of the tiny prostate gland can cause big headaches if you want to conceive.
‘Paging Dr. Bot’ may be futuristic, but artificial intelligence offers promising developments.
Here's when and why you should be on the lookout for one of the most common urological diseases.
The ball is in your court when it comes to finding relief from this kind of genital pain.
A decrease in semen volume can be caused by many factors, as well as indicate other troubles.
Some forms of the disease are so unusual that there's still a lot we need to learn about them.
A variety of modern technologies can help gather tissue samples for prostate cancer screening.
Knowing what causes it can certainly help you avoid it. We're here to help.
The two conditions can seem similar, so only a doctor can help you tell them apart.
Though it's common and often harmless, an ignored case of BPH can lead to complications.
Minimally invasive procedures can help you put benign prostatic hyperplasia behind you.
Many men enjoy a few drinks now and then, but such consumption carries sexual side effects.
Changes in your urine stream could point to one of two prostate issues. Find out what they are.
If you are urinating more frequently than usual, it could be caused by prostatitis or BPH.
Symptom mitigation is key to living with benign prostatic hyperplasia, which can affect any man.
Not looking forward to a digital rectal exam? There are now more ways to check your prostate.
You may be surprised to learn how your reproductive organs respond to the test of time.
Some men with benign prostatic hyperplasia may develop ED, but treatment options are available.
Though BPH is not malignant, it’s still a condition that requires careful attention and care.
Don't overlook your prostate health—all men are at risk for serious prostate problems.
Studies show this cosmetic treatment may also improve symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
Knowing how various prostate conditions present themselves can help you beat them.
Knowing how various prostate conditions present themselves can help you beat them.
Making yoga integral to your workout may improve overall health and be good for your prostate.
Most cases of obstructive urinary symptoms have benign origins, but get checked anyway.
If you have urination difficulties, identify the root cause so you can receive appropriate care.
Most prostate exams yield nothing alarming, but a doctor may order additional tests.
This BPH surgery, which can produce long-lasting effects, is suitable for many patients.
The connection between erectile dysfunction and prostate conditions is often misunderstood.
If you’re wary of drugs or surgery, some foods and supplements may offer an alternative.
Don't panic! Blood in your urine can be very bad, or sometimes not so bad.
BPH is an enlargement of the prostate gland. That's true. A lot of other info about it isn't.
A prostatectomy can be lifesaving. Doing research ahead of time can help it go smoothly.
While they are meant to help in the bedroom, some studies suggest additional health benefits.
These treatable prostate conditions are sometimes the culprit behind erectile dysfunction.
These treatable prostate conditions are sometimes the culprit behind erectile dysfunction.
An enlarged prostate can cause symptoms that range from uncomfortable to serious, if untreated.
An enlarged prostate is common, but it's important to learn more about it.
Don't delay! Preventive measures now can help you later.