At just 4 centimeters wide, the tiny prostate gland may seem far too small to pose such a formidable health threat to hundreds of thousands of males from year to year. But prostate cancer is the second-leading cancer (after skin cancer) in men, and it is a prolific killer. The American Cancer Society anticipates more than 34,000 deaths due to prostate cancer in 2021 and estimates that 1 in 8 males will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

Those are sobering numbers even if you're not at high risk for prostate cancer, and even the most hardened skeptic can't help but recognize the importance of prevention. Cancer screening is a fairly simple matter these days, but the process can get quite complicated when a prostate biopsy is indicated.

A biopsy is the removal of a sample of tissue or cells from the body for testing. It is generally recommended when a doctor finds abnormalities during a