Care of the testicles can be a complicated business. As anyone who owns a pair knows, testicles are finicky fellows. They're prone to lash out at their owner with nauseating pain at the slightest offense, get pinched and twisted in tight clothing and develop embarrassing itches and rashes with little provocation. And any testicle owner will likely cringe and involuntarily close his legs at the mention of (thankfully rare) problems such as testicular torsion.

Much more common, though, is a pair of testicular issues less serious but irritating: epididymitis and orchitis. Here, we'll look at the similarities and differences between the two.


Epididymitis and orchitis are often lumped together under the term epididymo-orchitis, or sometimes orchi-epididymitis.

But one major difference is that epididymitis affects one particular part of the testicle, the epididymis, while orchitis