It’s a common condition you may not even know you have, but here’s the scoop if you do.
Similar to varicose veins in the legs, varicoceles are swollen veins that affect the testicles.
Less invasive procedures are available for this painful and uncomfortable scrotal condition.
Men struggling with an enlarged scrotal vein and PE may benefit from a varicocelectomy.
Men struggling with an enlarged scrotal vein and PE may benefit from a varicocelectomy.
Gamete morphology is as important as size and motility in terms of sexual health.
You're acquainted with the downstairs neighbors, but you might not be familiar with their house.
It's not always a sudden and forceful accident that brings agony to your penis or testicles.
Varicoceles usually don't require treatment unless they affect quality of life or fertility.
Spermatic cord block is a minimally invasive procedure used diagnostically and therapeutically.
Most individual fertility issues can be assessed and treated, but some cases are 'unexplained.'
This generally harmless condition can still cause painful issues that men will need to address.
Whether soft or hard, some penises are veinier than others. Here's why.
Guidelines among medical bodies vary, but testicular self-exams play a role in cancer detection.
They're OK as a starting point, but don't count on home kits to tell you everything.
Regular investigation can be an important part of preventative care.
Addressing the symptoms of this scrotum condition is simple enough, even if you can't avoid it.
Swollen veins in a man's scrotum can affect his life and, by extension, yours.
Learn the differences between the two forms of this testicle condition and what you can do.
Not all lumps in the testicles are created equal. A spermatocele is benign but needs attention.
Are penile veins normal? And how do you know if something's wrong?
Your self-exam in the shower is just the first of many possible tests your doctor may recommend.
You can't always prevent fertility problems, but you can avoid some of the risk factors.
Knowing when your boys need an intervention—and acting quickly—could be the key to keeping them.
Examining your testes regularly may help you detect abnormalities, including testicular cancer.
Reaching for the scalpel may not be the first option for dealing with varicoceles anymore.
From medical checkups to lifestyle choices, you balls will thank you for making an effort.
This swelling of veins in the scrotum can cause concern but is mostly benign. Get the facts.
Taking a few minutes to conduct a self-exam of your testicles could be a lifesaving decision.
It’s difficult to detect, but if a varicocele goes unnoticed, serious consequences can occur.
A varicocele may cause infertility, though the extent of a direct connection is still unclear.
Penis health isn’t all you should focus on. Don’t forget about your testicles.
Facing fertility issues? Treatments and lifestyle changes can bring new life to your sperm.
Male infertility can have many causes, but a proactive approach can yield positive results.