Testicular cancer, the most prevalent form of cancer in American males between ages 15 and 35, is more likely to be successfully treated or prevented by detecting the disease, or signs of it, as early as possible.

While regular preventive health checkups certainly play a role in maintaining your well-being, conducting proactive self-exams could save your life. If you’re on the lookout for abnormalities and find one on your own, you can get medical help sooner than if you were just to wait for a doctor’s regular examination.

How to conduct a self-exam

Experts recommend that men perform self-examinations of their testicles each month to determine if there are any abnormalities present that might mean they need to talk to a doctor.

To conduct a self-exam, you’ll need to find a private space with good lighting. Most men carry out a self-exam in the shower. Next, gently raise the