"So, doc, it looks like I've got a bag of worms in my scrotum."

File that among phrases no one ever wants to utter to a medical professional.

It's right up there with, "I thought the fuse was longer."

Varicoceles won't cause the loss of any digits, but the condition does present with a squiggly snarl of puffy veins just above a testicle. They're often harmless, despite their weird appearance, but varicoceles can pose specific problems that require medical intervention, so you should know a few facts if your scrotum starts looking like it would fit in at a bait shop.

What is a varicocele?

If you've ever seen varicose veins—the kind people get in their legs—you have a pretty good idea of how varicoceles appear: The veins above one or both testicles become enlarged.

While it is something you likely don't want to see, a varicocele is a common condition, affecting up to 15 percent of men