It’s an age-old question: Does size matter? Whether it does or does not, most men worry about their penis: how it compares to other men’s and whether it will be judged by a partner. Shaft length, girth, testicle size, perkiness—do they measure up?

But men should not worry about comparisons: There’s really no such thing as a typical penis for comparison’s sake.

Why men worry

Fixation on penis size is a deeply ingrained concept and dates back probably as far as humankind does. Ancient cave drawings around the globe, some tens of thousands of years old, depict men with exaggerated members.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud may have been correct that penis envy is real, but it’s not women who are fixated: it’s men envious of their peers.

Obsession with penis size starts during childhood in many cultures, and it can take a significant toll on mental health, causing men to struggle with self-confidence and body acceptance. Anxiety over penis size can cause problems with