Most boys, by the time they are lucky enough to be in middle school, know the pain of being hit in the genitals. The administration at my middle school had to have a meeting about it with all the boys in the cafeteria after dismissing the girls for class. Apparently, the frequency of unannounced and forceful "cup checks" was common enough that it was becoming a problem.

While this may have seemed funny to a bunch of preteen boys, there was very real danger in inflicting testicular trauma to one another. Plus, once you're given the "sex talk," you tend to start caring a bit more about yourself below the belt.

Hopefully, adults have moved past such immature behavior, but that doesn't mean testicular woes are over. In fact, as men get older, they start to realize there are far more genital-related problems than they'd probably prefer. Commonly, we're talking about conditions such as erectile dysfunction (ED), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), fractures, anorgasmia and cancer. Then, of course, there are all the ailments that can lead to penile issues—diabetes, heart disease, mental health disorders and so on—and fluky