Some medical issues put life at risk while others gradually peck away at the daily quality of life. In cases of the latter, effects and complications of illnesses make every task more tedious, and any untreated ailment will eventually create superficial or significant calamity in a number of ways.

Some conditions do a little bit of everything to you, depending on the condition. Prostatitis is a form of prostate inflammation that affects men across a broad age spectrum. Symptoms can be slight to severe depending on the variation and resiliency of the prostatitis, and by variation, we mean either bacterial or nonbacterial prostatitis, both of which have their own variations.

Understanding prostatitis duality

While there are four significant variations of prostatitis, it can also be discussed in terms of two broader categories of distinction: bacterial and nonbacterial.

The prostate, a walnut-sized gland located below a man's bladder, contains bacteria in very small amounts, said