We know the recreational use of drugs always comes with risks attached, but using illicit substances during sex comes with its own unique strains on a person’s body and lifestyle.

Sex, drugs and partying are almost integrally associated with one another. Of course, some favored drugs have been given niche status for their claims of being best for enhancing the pleasure of sex. Some people believe these drugs make an already enjoyable experience even better. But that could be the drugs talking…

Countering those experiences are countless examples of substance abuse that provide cautionary tales regarding the combination of drugs and sex.

Overdose and other major health risks are all very real concerns when it comes to using illegal drugs. Combined with potential exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the risks grow exponentially.

And just to dwell on the word “illegal” for a moment, simply being in possession of these drugs can land you before a judge facing incarceration or, at the very least, mark your record with an offense that may never be expunged.

Always be aware