Hookups play a key role in how we get human touch and intimacy when we're not in a relationship. However, we often find it difficult to get the amount of pleasure we'd like from a one-night stand. We all know about the orgasm gap during heterosexual couples, and for hookups, it's even worse: 80 percent of men reach climax compared to 40 percent of women, according to a 2017 article by the Australian Broadcast Corporation.

"One-nighters are actually a way to learn about sexual variety, communication and what you especially like or don't," says Carol Queen, Ph.D., a staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. "It's also a good way to practice skills, from talking about your desires and boundaries to putting on a condom to introducing someone to your vibrator."

Then why are so many one-night stands a huge disappointment? Sex and relationship experts explain how to make our hookups a little more hook, line and sinker.

Is this hookup right for you?

The first step before you initiate a hookup is to have an honest conversation with yourself.

"There are