Sexual health education in the United States is sorely lacking in several categories, but it particularly overlooks people who do not identify with heteronormative sexual interests or traditional gender identification models. It's more than just an issue of not being included; when it comes to safer sex, LGBTQIA+ individuals face specific challenges for which the education system completely fails to prepare them.

You might know that HIV and AIDS tend to be more commonly contracted by men who have sex with men, but are you aware of the specific biological and viral aspects of why? Young men receiving sex ed in America certainly aren't, and that lack of information and knowledge will only make the spread of HIV more aggressive.

Similarly, many people hold the belief that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) cannot be transmitted from woman to woman, or in any couple where no partner has a penis. This is not true. And if a woman believes she's safe from STIs because she's having sex with another woman, she may not use appropriate methods of protection and will therefore be at higher risk. In addition,