Giddy Contributor*
Giddy Contributor

*The author's name has been withheld at their request due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

People who choose celibacy abstain from all sexual activity for many reasons; here are mine.
Finding the right partner is already difficult. HSV-2 doesn't have to make it harder.
When you have a gay daughter—who uses TikTok—the standard sex talk isn't going to cut it.
I did everything right to clear my infection, so why didn’t anyone believe me?
Hormones may impact your entire body, including your sleep schedule.
Erectile dysfunction may be unknown territory for some men, but time is a great guide.
For me, marijuana was a godsend for help with several issues—but not erectile dysfunction.
Let's break down this mythical erogenous zone and find out if the fantasy can come true.
Dating is stressful enough without having to teach your partner all about your ED.
Transgender individuals aren’t 'other people.' They can be your loved ones, so support them.