If you question whether sex workers can enjoy what they do, or whether they can be empowered or think for themselves, Emma has a lot to teach you. A free spirit, political activist and lifelong learner, she enjoys the adventure and playfulness that sex work offers and uses her relationship with clients to teach them about causes she cares about.

Emma began her sex work career waitressing at a strip club, which led to a diverse array of gigs, including bartending, housekeeping in sexy garb, performing at a clothing-optional resort, sugaring, domming and escorting. She lives in San Diego but frequently travels the West Coast and beyond, and currently earns a living primarily sugaring and escorting.

Even though Emma is in high demand, she has a busy life outside of her everyday work—she loves volunteering for political causes and taking courses. She dreams of one day starting a business, going to law school, or even running for office, and particularly aspires to make a difference in the area of sustainability.

After meeting serendipitously at a dance event, she and I exchanged emails about her work and what she's learned from it.