Spring is in the air—and so are lusty pheromones, as wild-eyed former quarantiners flood the streets looking for love in all the wrong places. Call it whatever you want to call this time we're living: post-COVID summer, hot girl summer or plain-old "Dear God, I need to get laid" summer.

Long story short, we're all starved for human contact, including the slippery and sensuous short-term kind.

After months of being told to wear masks (and we still should in certain situations), now is as good a time as any to talk about another kind of personal protective equipment: condoms.

After all, what are condoms, but N95 masks for your penis?

Roll call

Please don't just go around grabbing any old rubber off the shelf. This is an important decision, so take the time to figure out what you're looking for. I promise, it'll make a difference.

Latex condoms

Talking about condom types without mentioning latex condoms would be like discussing