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Condom Sales Are Skyrocketing for ‘Hot Vax Summer’

After a pandemic-induced dry spell, Americans are ready to glove up.

By Rebekah Harding

Help, My Birth Control Gave Me Acne

You shouldn’t have to decide between clear skin and safe sex.

By Rebekah Harding

How Many Positions Is Too Many During Sex?

You don't need to flip around 14 times per session to be a sexual dynamo.

By Rebekah Harding

WTF is 'Penile Strangulation' (And How Dangerous Is It?)

If you've ever wondered, 'Will my penis fit in there,' it's best to assume the answer is no.

By Rebekah Harding


Is Queefing Normal—and Can I Stop It?

Two experts weigh in on all your noisy vag concerns.

By Rebekah Harding

Female Orgasms

What Do Anal Orgasms Feel Like—and How Can I Have One?

Two sex experts dish on how you, too, can enjoy fifth base.

By Rebekah Harding

Reproductive Health for Women

WTF Is 'Blue Vulva'?

And why do we only ever talk about blue balls?

By Rebekah Harding